Sunday, November 16, 2008

A new career?

The last two nights, I worked for my son at his pizza restaurant, Pizza and Beyond. I answered the phone, took orders and even figured out how much money was due (not always successfully). I wore my pizza t-shirt and smiled at the customers. Sometimes they smiled back.

It was a strange experience reminiscent of my younger days when I worked at Burger King for a summer an ice cream shop for a fall and several different restaurants. I never stayed any longer than I had to but I always enjoyed the work. It was so much better than working at a retail shop selling shoes or pantyhose.

My son always says food makes people happy, especially pizza, and that's why he loves it so much. He may be right. The people I saw were very happy to get their pizza. They thanked us and took their prize home or had it delivered. It was fun.

I may not be ready for a career change but I wouldn't mind going back again to help out. My son is opening a dining room, maybe next month. I might go back and sling some ravioli and count my tips.

I'm sure it will all end up in a book somewhere!

Joyce Lavene

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Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Good picture! Hey, a pizza parlor could be a wonderful spot for ficticious murder. All those knifes! Dumpsters out back! Hmm.

How are you, Joyce? I've been so busy lately...hope you haven't been afflicted with too-much-craziness. I'd love to have coffee with you some time and catch up when you're in the Mint Hill/Matthews area!