Monday, November 10, 2008

Mystery Readers

I've noticed two distinct types of people when I mention mysteries in a conversation.  One type absolutely adores mysteries and can't get enough.  These folks frequently provide ideas for titles to read, myself.  The other type (usually politely) says that they never read mysteries but have family members who do.

Really?  They don't read mysteries at all?  This never ceases to befuddle me.  Not a Stuart Woods/James Patterson thriller?  Not an Elizabeth George police procedural?  Nothing?

I'll read nearly every genre of book out there, although I'll admit mysteries are my favorite.  I've explored literary fiction, the classics, sci-fi, chick lit,  all types of mysteries, inspirational, romance, children's literature, YA, even westerns.  If I hear something is good, I'll check it out.  I'm the same way with music.  Because.....well, doesn't it get boring after a while if you don't change it up? 

What I'm reading:

Still Life by Louise Penny.  Good stuff!  The setting (a rural village south of Montreal) is practically a character in itself.  Ms. Penny is doing a wonderful job luring me deeper and deeper into the book with the central mystery and a variety of smaller intrigues.

What I've read online this week:

A Herald Tribune article about condensing Agatha Christie's books for English as a second language students (and to help explore new markets for her work in China and India)

An interesting article on the Writer's Edge blog about books and advertising. 

A blog on chapters: their length, number of chapters in a book, chapters as a suspense device, etc. on the Mysterious Matters blog .

A very interesting blog entry over on Editorial Ass on "the crux of the problem" for book publishing--she discusses returns, shipping costs, etc.  And the article offers this editor's antidote to the problem (go buy a book.)

An excellent article on Writer's Digest's site on the "Anatomy of a Writer's Website."  I also enjoyed an article on the Urban Muse that had links to well-designed author websites: I tend to learn more visually. 

A worrysome story from Galley Cat about Borders bookstore's troubles.   And a more uplifting story on Lit Soup on why recessions are good for aspiring writers.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed Louise Penny's book as well, and am looking for others by her.

Have you read 'Stealing with Style' by Emyl Jenkins? I stayed up past midnight to finish it recently, and really enjoyed it. I have an ARC of the sequel at the top of my stack now, and am really looking forward to it!

Janice Campbell
(National Association of Independent Writers and Editors)