Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Out Of All The Blogs On The Web, You Walked Into Ours

Today I’m writing a blog about blogging on writing. A bit like eating turkey in Turkey. I googled "writing blogs" and came up with 22,799,875 hits, So, even though our writing blog is well-written and insightful, and for sure the only mystery writing blog you’ll ever want to read, we are by no means unique. You have 22,799,874 other blogs you could be reading right now. I decided to check out a few of those other writing blogs to see what’s out there.

Here’s a few examples: Joelysue Burkhart, Dreaming in Rhyme. Fantasy writer Burkhart describes the agony of revisions, posts pictures of herself in kindergarten and offers a tasty chicken and dumpling recipe.

If you want someone a bit more well known, there’s always Harlan Coben’s blog. . A lovely account of what it’s like to be the author of wildly successful books that fly off the shelves, the way our own books do in our own fantasies.

There are also blogs for genres. There’s speculative fiction, which back in the day, we referred to as science fiction or "sci-fi." There is a blog specifically for paranormal romance. That involves shape shifters, time travel, and falling in love with ghosts and vampires. And if you’re just interested in writing about vampires, there’s a blog for that too.

My favorite though is the blog for bad writers, Actually, it’s not intended for bad writers, but, as the blogger says, honest encouragement for the "almost good" or the "good but clueless" writers out there. Something we can all use.

With all those writers blogging about their writing, I always wonder when they find the time to do their real writing. Much as I enjoy it, blogging doesn’t count as real writing.

I am perfectly happy to post a blog every other Wednesday on Mystery Writing and Other Stuff. And I’m just as happy to have other Carolina Conspirators picking up the slack the rest of the time. Nobody, not even Harlan Coben, can be interesting every post, every day.

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