Sunday, October 26, 2008

Crime Spree

Call it what you like, any event in Wilmington, NC is a great one! My thanks to Dorothy Hodder, Phyllis Smith, Two Sisters Bookery and everyone else behind the scenes. Crime Spree was small, no doubt. Two panels, a few hours. Nine authors (if you count me and Jim as two people). But we had a lovely time. No one could be more welcoming and gracious than these folks.

But Judy Nichols hit the nail on the head. There were scarcely more readers than writers at this event. Despite the fact that we would all love to see Cape Fear Crime Festival revived, the crowd, though enthusiastic was limited. Where were the people? Not out doing much on a rainy Saturday afternoon. We couldn't complain about ball games or days on the beach that took them away.

I guess these events, no matter how nice they are, are doomed unless someone is willing to sponsor them. It has to be more than one bookstore and one library system. There has to be more publicity.

Maybe authors need to get together and help find sponsors who would be willing to put out some money. After all, these events are to showcase US and our books. It would only be fair.

I'd be willing to sink some time and money into Cape Fear to make it sail again. Maybe some of you would too.

Joyce Lavene

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Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Wilmington events are the best! But you're right--they desperately need publicity, or maybe a business or education collaboration (something with UNC Wilmington? Similar to Charlotte's CPCC literary events or the ones sponsored at Queens College?) It's hard for libraries to go it alone.