Thursday, October 2, 2008


Some time ago I sat down and made a list of the ABC's as they pertained to my writing goals. I keep this list on my bulletin board beside my computer and when I get discouraged or want to throw up my hands and get a real job selling make-up or flipping hamburgers I read through them. They always seem to get me back on track.

Today I thought I'd share this list with you with hopes it will encourage you when you get down in your writing. By the way, if you don't like my list, it's not set in cement. You can change any of them or make your own from scratch.

A - Aspire to reach your full potential as a writer
B - Believe in yourself and your writing
C - Create the habit of writing daily
D - Dare to write the things you want to write
E - Eagerly greet each new day for the opportunity it gives you
F - Forgive yourself for the mistakes you've made
G - Gather facts before you put them down as true in your work
H - Help other writers along the way
I - Indulge in day dreams for a few minutes each day
J - Judge no one or what they choose to write
K - Kill negative thoughts as soon as they enter your head
L - Live each day fully and thoughtfully
M- Meditate on what you want in your writing career not what you don't want
N - Notice the beauty of words and everything else around you
O - Open your heart and mind to new ideas
P - Pray and/or ponder what you want to accomplish with your writing
Q - Question things you don't understand because someone will have the answer
R - Relax and be calm when you write
S - Strive to do your best work, but don't get bogged down trying to be perfect
T - Thank God as you know Him for the talent you have to write
U - Underestimate no one - not even yourself
V - Value the things which are important such as family, friends and your writing
W - Welcome each new idea and challenge as it comes to you
X - X-rate nothing in you life - keep to higher standards
Y - Yestearday is gone with it's mistakes/triumphs - don't try to live there
Z - Zero in on your writing goals and keep them in front of you

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