Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Our new book, WICKED WEAVES, is finally out today from Berkley Prime Crime! We got our author's copies last Friday.

It's impossible to describe what it feels like to finally SEE that new book, hold it in your hand and know that you wrote it! It's a lot like having a baby. After hours of labor, sweating blood over the keyboard and worrying about every word, every phrase, it's a relief and an amazing thing to realize you have accomplished this.

You wonder at the beginning how your agent and editor will view this marvelous feat. Once it becomes a book, you wonder if there will be readers for it. Will everyone else love your child? Or will it be shunned and alone on the bookstore shelves (not for long since it will be yanked if that is the case).

Reviewers have been kind to this book but who knows what will happen to it in the everyday stress of living? Will it hold up or fold? Will it be something only a mother could love?

There's never any way to know what to expect. You let it go and hope for the best. We just finished writing the second book in that series (Renaissance Faire Mysteries), GHASTLY GLASS. We sent it in last week as we got the copies of Wicked Weaves. Will it have to live up to Wicked Weaves' reputation . . . or try to live it down?

Only time will tell.

Jim Lavene

Tuesday, September 2


L.C. Evans said...

Congratulations Joyce and Jim! I look forward to reading Wicked Weaves.

Lynette Hall Hampton said...

Hope to get a signed copy soon. Congratulations.