Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Changing in the New Season

Okay, the snap and tang of autumn is finally coming to South Carolina ... and not a moment too soon, for those of us who lived through the hot, sultry summer! It's wonderful to feel a cool breeze and see the trees swaying in the sunlight. Too many reasons to list here why fall is my favorite time of year.

But ... what about the other things that happen in fall?

Like changes. Often BIG changes.

Well, school starts again, of course, and my sons have been in class since August 19th, so that's pretty well launched by now. The careless awakenings of summer -- sometimes at 10 a.m. -- are already long behind me (sigh), though Christmas vacation beckons not so far in the future -- well -- only 3 months -- I can hang on that long.

The boys' school activities are all underway now -- baseball, violin, chess club -- and we're busy again, every week.

And in my life, these busy days of autumn are the days when my life is newest.

Like everyone else, I always started a new school year in the fall, and always had to adjust to new teachers, new classes, new classmates, new situations. I finished my novel, FORWARD TO CAMELOT, in the fall (it was published in fall, too -- 10 days before the 40th anniversary of the JFK assassination, which is the subject of the book). I started many new jobs in the fall. I fell in love in the fall, and years later, I got married in the fall -- and as the association with seasons is so strong, I cannot take a breath of the cool, fresh autumn air without remembering that, and wondering what exciting unseen relationships await me.

Already there are indications of big changes coming in my life -- and as the rhythm of our days inexorably speeds up, so are there more and more events I'm getting involved with, groups I'm committing to, activities I'm jumping into. It's got to be all good -- it's the fall, and the fall will sort out the right from the wrong and put me on the right path -- and if takes longer than fall for that to happen, that's okay too. The chill of winter (or as chill as it gets in Charleston!) is good for cooling sudden unreasonable excitements and quenching my enthusiasm to do too much.

Fall is the great beginning for me, with horizons virtually unlimited, and though there are some distinct changes I already know of ready to launch, I await the crisper days, falling leaves and drying grass to show me even more gifts that right now I can't even suspect. There comes a moment, in mid-October to late November, where every breath is the start of a new adventure. I await that moment with the greatest of pleasure.

Hope your fall is full of adventure, too.

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