Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bookmarks Book Festival

More than 45 authors gathered for the BOOKMARKS Festival of Books Saturday, September 13 at Historic Bethabara Park in Winston-Salem. I was one of them. From the beginning event on Friday night with a great food buffet, plenty of wine and musicicians, everything was planned perfectly. The authors invited were treated to a gift bag waiting for them at their hotel, plenty of TLC and friendly conversation.

Maybe the coolest thing was the author lunch hosted at the 1803 distillery at Bethabara historic park where the event takes place. The distillery is set up to look like the roadside inn it once was and it was a nice respite from the heat.

Oh and I sat next to Rue McClanahan from the Golden Girls who wrote a book about her five husbands. Apparently there was something to the character she played on TV.
I'd definitely go back again. It was a good time, well managed, and not too far from home. I met some interesting people and sold some books. You can't ask for more than that from a book weekend!
Jim Lavene

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