Thursday, July 24, 2008

What to Blog About

I’ve been reading blogs by different writers (1) to see what they’re writing about (2) to get an idea of what I should write about (3) To see if I really want to write a blog (4) I like to be entertained and (5) I’m nosy.

After all this research I find that some of the things writers are writing about are:

(1) Their personal life (birthdays, anniversaries, a black dress, husbands, wives, family, children, parents, holidays, remodeling the house, buying a house, empty nest, cleaning a closet, having a wreck, a car break-in, and on and on. Anything that happens in life seems to be fair game for a blog. I can do this.

(2) Their pets (this could probably go with personal life, but since pets are such a big thing I decided to give them a paragraph of their own.) Of course there are dogs and cats of all shapes, sizes and breeds; then there are the exotic pets – A monkey (I had a friend years ago who had a monkey. It bit her husband’s hand and he almost lost it.), A snake (Never mind what kind, I’m in that large group of people who shuts their eyes when a snake appears on television. I hate snakes.), A llama (Yes someone had a llama. The only llama I ever met spit at me.), An iguana (To me they look like a tiny dragon or a big lizard. I have no desire to meet either.), and then there are the big pets, horses, cows, and assorted farm animals. Again this list could go on and on so I suppose writing about animals is okay. I’ll keep an eye on my lazy cat, Jefferson and if he does anything exciting I’ll report on it. At this point his life seems to consist only of eating twice a day and sleeping on the foot of my bed.

(3) Their travels. Writers seem to be going everywhere. Hawaii is a choice spot. (I’ve never been there so that’s out.) Cancun is another favorite destination. (I went there one time, but if was a quick day trip from a cruise ship and I didn’t see much of the place.) The Greek Islands (One can only hope..someday.) Cruises both in the Atlantic and Pacific (I went on one – see Cancun – but that was over twenty years ago and my husband, now ex-husband was so busy taking care of two retired women in our group that I probably saw him a total of an hour a day. I didn’t have good time and I’m in no hurry to ever take another cruise.) New York, LA, Chicago and many cities in between. (I wonder if anyone would be interested in the fact that my little town has a Wal-Mart and I went there the other day. I bought a pile of cat food because it’s 7 cents a can cheaper there than the grocery store. Today I made it to the Post Office and tomorrow I’m going to a Mexican restaurant to meet with my critique group. Not a lot happens in my little town. One of these days I’ll take an exotic vacation...maybe.)

These are only a few examples of the 437 things I found that writers write about on their blogs. When it comes down to it, I have decided I can write about anything I want to and I’ve decided I’ll do just that.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your first blog. Well done. Looking forward to more postings from you.


tafanninnc said...

Lynette, It's tough to put yourself out there. Good Job. I'll keep you bookmarked on my computer.

Karen K. Kennedy said...

Great line up of bloggers! I was born in Charlotte, but moved away as a kid. With lots of family still there and fond memories of summers at Myrtle Beach, I'm already enjoying the blog and looking forward to reading more from North & South Carolina writers.

Judy5cents said...


You pretty much covered everything. Except writer's angst. There are tons of blogs about angst. Apparently, you can't be a writer without having a great deal of anguish and doubt about your writing. Why anyone would want to read about it is beyond me. I've got an almost 13 year old at home and that's more than enough angst for me to deal with.

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Actually, Lynette, a trip to Walmart rates pretty high on the excitement spectrum for me, too. You just never know what might happen there: will the shelves be stocked with your item? (Don't go on Mondays.) Will there be a mob of people there, including sobbing kids? (Don't go after 9:30 in the morning). Will your check-out process take longer than 15 minutes? (There's only one good cashier at our Super Walmart. Sigh!)