Wednesday, July 30, 2008


We are busily getting ready for our next cruise, which will be in September to Alaska. It will also be our 3rd. The first was a 3-day one to Key West and Cancun;/Cozumel, the 2nd was a 7 day cruise to Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cancun, and the 3rd was a 3 day to the Bahamas.

Of the three the most eventful one was the 1st. We were in a bowling league where, instead of trophies, all the money went to the group taking a cruise together. We were all very excited because most of the group, including Wendy, had never been to Mexico before. I however had lived in central Mexico for 6 weeks in high school.

We flew down to Miami to begin our journey. Since our cabin was deep in the bowels of the ship, things were a little crowded. We were able to put the two beds together to make one, and the bathroom was very small, but we couldn't complain too much.

The first stop was in Key West, where we went to the southern most point in the US, as well as some shopping before heading back to the ship. So far everything was right on schedule. That was fixing to change very quickly.

That night there was a huge Midnight buffet, with everything you could imagine on it. About 11:45 we decided to head up on deck. When we got there we saw a helicopter hovering beside the ship. As we watched it lowered a stretcher onto the ship, and someone was put on it. The helicopter then left.

We later learned that one of the passengers had had a major heart attack, and that was the Coast Guard coming to his rescue. The good news was he was going to be fine. The bad news was, when he had the heart attack, we were close to Cuba. The Coast Guard contacted Cuba to get permission to enter their airspace to rescue the man.

Castro, being the lovely man that he is, REFUSED! When we saw the helicopter, the ship had been forced to turn around, and we were halfway back to Miami!

To be continued


Terri said...

That is just insane! But that is Cuba I guess...

Terri said...

That is insane! At least he was okay

Michael said...

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