Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Santas everywhere!

I admit it. I like to wear a Santa hat. And this year, Target helped me out by making a Santa t-shirt. Some people think I'm strange but that's because they've never tried it.

People with frowns break out into smiles. Adults tell me they've been good and hope I'm coming to visit them at Christmas. People I've never met come across the parking lot to shake my hand. It's a nice feeling, especially at Christmas. Everyone loves Santa even a reasonable facsimile.

I had one man tell me I must be a helluva a man, secure in my masculinity, to wear something like that. He was only speaking of my Christmas socks at the time. I'd rather not know what he'd think of my hat and shirt.

But if that's what it means, then yes, I guess I am secure enough to wear something different and not worry about it. I was also a romance writer for several years. People looked at me funny for that once in a while too.

Come on, people. Lighten up! I thought we'd gotten rid of all those stereotypes a long time ago. Get yourself a Santa hat and give it a try. It always puts a smile on my face. I think it will yours too!

Jim Lavene

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