Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Can you believe it’s almost Christmas Day? Neither can I, but here I am sit at the computer on Christmas Eve writing a blog. That’s okay though. We celebrate on Christmas night.

Yes, this year we will gather at my daughter’s house for a meal and to open gifts. Usually everyone gathers at my house, but circumstances tell us it had to be different this year.
Because of financial reason I find I have to move. I have my condo full of boxes and I’m only using my fiber-optic tree. Christmas has long been my favorite holiday and I usually decorate out the yang, but I couldn’t see dragging everything out and having to box it all up again,

We decided since we had to change the location, we’ll change the menu too. Because we’ve had a lot of the traditional ham, turkey with all the trimmings we’re going to grill steaks. This works well because I don’t have a grill and my son-in-law does.

Of course some things don’t change. I’ve been threatened within an inch of my life if I don’t make my usual cream cake. The cake is out of the oven and I’ll whip the cream for icing just as soon as the cake is cool.
So this year is going to be a different Christmas for us, but it will still be a happy one. No matter what we do, when we get together, we have fun.

I wish you and your family happiness and fun this year. And may 2009 bring us all more book sales and chances to get together to promote those sales.

Merry Christmas!

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CC_Authors said...

Oh Lynette, I'm sorry you're having to move. Where are you going?