Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Chuck E. Cheese blog

Not everyone has a Chuck E. Cheese blog in them. I didn't know I did until I took Jason, Eric and Gabrielle there for their Annual End of School reward.

In case you don't know, Chuck E. Cheese is like Las Vegas for kids. They feed coins into the games, play them, then run and get more coins. Kids, of course, have no idea how the coins relate to money. They just know they need them in their little plastic cups to continue playing. They come back when the smiling rat cup is empty, take a drink of soda, and head back to the games.

Watching them is fun, but watching their parents and grandparents who aren't happily content to let them play, is even more fun.

"Get that one! You can do it! Roll the ball faster!" becomes "Let me show you how!" These parents definitely need their own smiling rat cups and coins but they probably wouldn't admit it.

Chuck E. Cheese is loud, expensive and their food is bad, but they know how to entertain kids. Now if they just had a helicopter and pretend horse BIG enough for parents to ride or maybe I could crawl into that tube that runs along the ceiling and jump into the ball pit . . .

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Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

I didn't figure you for a Chuck E. Cheese kinda gal!

My son went up in the plastic tunnels when he was a toddler and wouldn't come down. Sooooo....I had to go up in the tunnels, too. Groan. What I day. I still remember it 10 years later!

Mystery Writing is Murder

Lynette Hall Hampton said...

My grandson had his 5th birthday party there. His mom ended up feeding a lot of kids, but I think most of them were interested in the 'tickets.' He's 13 now and into lazer tag. I don't go to that.