Monday, April 6, 2009

Carolina Writers Conference

The Carolina Writers Conference was great this weekend! Lots of friendly people who listened attentively as about 20 authors spoke about various aspects of writing. I can't say enough good about the people from South Piedmont Community College, Wadesboro Library, and the Carolina Romance Writers who put it together! The event was close to home for me but there were also authors from outside North Carolina.

It makes me wonder why there aren't more local events like this. Sure, the Malice and RWA National conferences are good but unless you live in Hawaii (where Left Coast Crime was this year) or other big cities where most conferences take place, you miss out. What's surprising about it is that there is a ton of writers from all genres and nonfiction here in N.C. You'd think there would be lots of small conferences.

Money is always the problem (that's why they called it the root of all evil)and I'm not sure there is an answer to always having a BIG crowd. Maybe the best answer would be for people who put together conferences to seek out corporate sponsorship. I don't know. I've been asked to help put together a small conference locally. Once I get through that, I might have a better understanding of what we're up against. I'll let you know!

Joyce Lavene

But for now, thanks CRW, SCCC and Wadesboro! It was awesome!

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