Sunday, January 18, 2009

How much???

I'm sort of out of turn posting today but it's the weekend so I kind of think of it as a free-blog time for members. I wanted to blog about Larry Kissell and may do that later, but right now I have to vent.

What are people thinking? I know we're supposed to value ourselves but charging almost $1,000 for a course on publicity for writers? And that's with the MWA membership discount! I couldn't believe it! When I went to look at the site, I realized I had never even heard of the two writers who are putting it on. One of them even had enough nerve to quote his numbers on Amazon. That's the biggest hooey in the world!

Honestly, are writers made of money? Are we every smart guy's fool who wants to make a few bucks quick?

I have to say that I even take umbrage with some expensive conferences that by the time you buy your way in, pay to spend the night and eat have cost almost that amount or more.

I work with a lot of new writers (for a lot less money) and maybe that's my mistake when I should be subjecting them to the harsh realities of writing life where everything is more money than most writers make in a year. What makes it even more of an insult is that NO ONE can guarantee what they tell you will work for YOUR book!

Maybe I'm missing the point but particularly in these economic times, how can anyone charge that amount of money for a short course in making money on writing? Surely the best route to making money might be not to spend so much on writing courses!

Joyce Lavene

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