Thursday, January 8, 2009

Don't Move in the Winter

Well, here it is again. My Thursday to blog and I haven't planned a thing. Maybe I'll use this space to complain today. Not really. I'm just going to point out a few facts.

Yes, I'm moving. It's not a move I wanted to make, but circumstances has made the decision for me. After having my condo in High Point for sale for three years and it not selling, I'm moving back. Now I'm going to try to sell the Kernersville place. Maybe it will go faster. I sure hope so because I can't afford to keep up two places any longer.

I didn't make this decision lightly. I almost had to force myself to do it. Though I knew it was a necessity, I did put the move off until after Christmas. Now I wish I hadn't. The weather was much nicer then. Today was cold, rainy and windy. Not a good day to take some items to the new/old place, but I did it anyway. I'm trying to get as much moved as I can because the movers charge by the hour and I'm trying to save a little. This isn't an easy task when you're alone, drive a compact car, have a bad back and are well pass the age one should be shoving boxes around.

One of the worse things about this move is that I have a new novel bouncing around in my head and I want to get it down before it slips away. Alas, I still have over a hundred Tom Clark Gnomes to pack up, all my clothes to go through, the kitchen cabinets to clean out and the movers are coming Saturday morning. Eight-thirty AM they said

So if you happen by and hear me talking to Olivia, Josh and Amos, don't call the men in white coats. I'm just trying to keep my characters alive until I get set up in my new/old office.

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