Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Introducing myself

My name is Doug Walker, and my pen name is D L Walker. My wife, Wendy, and I live in Kannapolis, NC, and I have worked for GE Capital for almost 29 years. I realized this weekend that I have been a member of the Carolina Conspiracy for 3 years now, and have loved every minute of it!

My first novel, Scaffold, came out on August 20th, 2007. It is set in Charlotte in the world of Pro Wrestling. A terrible incident occurs during a PPV that is put on by a very corrupt fictional wrestling group, and the book tells of the incident and the investigation that follows.

I am currently working on Twysted Tayles, which is a collection collection of short stories that are a combination of Stephen King meets the Twilight Zone. If you like stories that have unexpected endings I think you will like these.

Well, it is getting late, and I do need to do some writing before bed. Will keep you posted.

Doug "The Executioner" Walker

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