Thursday, May 14, 2009

Carolina Conspiracy welcomes Evelyn David

How do you work together?

MEB – When we wrote Murder Off the Books, we weren’t speaking – literally. We had met in an Internet writers forum and our communication was by e-mail. We were painstakingly revising the first draft, comma by comma, and I finally sent a message that asked Rhonda to send me her telephone number. She replied with the info, but asked that I wait ten minutes while she combed her hair!

But the process, whether by e-mail or over the phone, is the same. We talk through a scene and one of us will say, “I’ll start.” That person writes a first draft, which then goes back and forth between us, often dozens of times. Each of us tweaks and adds to the scene until we’re both satisfied. We both write all characters – including Whiskey, the Irish wolfhound.

RD – Working with a co-author keeps me motivated to write. It's very easy to give up when you hit that wall at chapter 13. Having someone else depending on you to get a scene written or a problem solved helps.

How did you get started writing together?

MEB – We met on an Internet writers forum. Each of us were posting stories. We got to know each other through our stories, feedback we would send on the writing process, and then just chatting – and laughing – about writing and life in general.

RD – We got each other's jokes! For a lark we wrote a short story together and on-line readers sent us a lot of positive feedback. Who can resist that? Not us.

Tell us something exciting about your new book?

It’s the week before Thanksgiving and Mac Sullivan has a long to-do list before turkey and the trimmings can be served. He needs to:
· Get paying clients for his detective agency
· Help his drama queen goddaughter who insists someone is trying to kill her before she can say her “I do’s”
· Recover $100,000 worth of missing caskets
· Take his dog for a bath because she had an unfortunate experience at a turkey farm when the you-know-what hit the fan and the dog
· Buy a dating manual because his would-be girlfriend, Rachel Brenner, make-up artist in a funeral home, insists that Taco Bell does not qualify as a dinner date

Murder Takes the Cake has a story to die for, characters you’ll love, humor to make you laugh out loud, an adorable Irish wolfhound, and a touch of romance. It’s fun, fast…and furry.

What's the worst thing about writing with a partner? The best thing?

MEB – The best thing about writing with a partner is that there is someone to share, and when necessary commiserate about, the creative process. When it’s going well, it’s like being at a well-played tennis match, with ideas bouncing back and forth, faster and faster. Of course, when one of us hits the proverbial brick wall and can’t think of a single word to write, the other person is there to encourage, laugh, and gently prod her back on path. Having a writing partner also means there is someone to share the promotion and marketing efforts.

The worst thing about writing with a partner? In the case of Evelyn David, there really is no down side.

RD – The best thing is the friendship. Writing is usually a lonely pursuit. Having a co-author changes all that. I think Marian knows me better than my family. After exchanging emails for a couple of years before talking on the phone, my co-author has gotten very good at reading between the lines.

The worst thing –the same as the best - she knows me better than my family!

Describe your writing partner as a food - each of you, of course!

MEB – Rhonda is like a York Peppermint Patty – sweet with a refreshing zing.

RD – This is so hard! Okay – Marian is like homemade chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven – warm, dependable, and can always make a gloomy day much brighter.

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