Thursday, February 5, 2009

Living in the Dark Ages

I never dreamed the day would come when I thought living in the dark ages would be the day I didn't have access to my computer. But it did.

I uh-hooked my computer on January 9 and moved from Kernersville to High Point on January 10. I'd called Time-Warner to transfer my account. I thought it would be a simple thing. WRONG!

It was 1/17 when they finally came out and hooked up my basic cable, my telephone and NOTHING ELSE. I was told they would have to come and dig in a cable to put cable into my office for my computer. They promised I'd have it in a couple of days. WRONG!

A week went by and I decided I'd call them and ask what the hold up was only to find out I wasn't on the schedule. I kept my cool and made an appoint for two days later. When they arrived I was all excited. I'd told several people I'd have my computer back in two days. WRONG!

They did come out again, but they told me the city wouldn't let them put in a cable because of having to go under sidewalks and such. They told me to call the company and check on wireless and left without doing anything. I thought they'd at least go ahead and put in the wireless for me. WRONG!

I called again (I'll have to give them this much. They gave me a number which would go directly to a person and skip all that push this and that number.) and ordered the wireless thinking they'd send the people right out. WRONG!

Almost another week went by and they finally arrive. It took almost half a day, but they finally got me hooked up. I almost fell over when I learned I had 1,461 emails in my box. (I'm still trying to sort them out.) I've missed reading posts, missed emails, missed everything that a writer uses a computer for. But at last I'm all hooked up and ready to go with my wireless.

Talk about the dark ages, for almost a month I felt I was there. At least now I can get back to some sort of normal existence. WRONG! I still have rooms full of boxes which have to be opened and I have an idea for a new book swirling in my head. I have to make some plans for promoting and I do need to sleep now and then. I don't know which of these to takle first. I guess there are sections of a writer's life which will never be normal.


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