Saturday, August 2, 2008

I think I've got it

My day to blog on the Carolina Conspiracy blog-that sounds a little awkward-is Friday. So, excited that this would be my first time, I sat down and wrote beautiful prose about -something. It no longer matters, but it sure didn't end up here. So-I'm trying it again.
I have only been with the Carolina Conspiracy for about a year. That is not because I have only been writing that long, but because I am a new Carolinian. I arrived from California a year ago in January, just me, the dogs, and for the trip across the country, by brother and sister-in-law. I can tell you what just about every rest stop on the 10 looks like, and which states have good ones and which --leave something to be desired. Texas has some good ones, and others that are lacing a very important facility for older americans. Dogs can go anyplace, but older ladies---.

Anyway, I'm here, and I love it. Not that I didn't like California, I did. It's beautiful, at some of it is. Los Angeles is wall to wall cars and hard to love. But where I lived, in Paso Robles, on the central coast, is wonderful. Rolling hills, huge oaks, fields of tall, golden grasses that are giving way to vineyards, lots and lots of them. They are equally lovely, and most of the wineries are small and fiendly. I was a real estate broker in that area for over twenty years, and watched it develop. I was fortunate enough to represent both sellers and buyers of wineries, vineyards, and land that would be developed into vineyards. The people I met, and the wineries I visited were my inspiration for And Murder For Dessert. It was fun to write, and hopefully it is fun to read. If, of course, murder is ever fun. But, as with any business, bizarre things happen. Actually, murder never did, and I think just about every one in Paso Robles is happy about that, but some other funny things did. It was fun stretching the truth to make a good story.

My grandkids just walked in the door, so I am going to cut my message short, very short, as I really can't think with people yelling-where is the cheese-Oh my God, you have gum in your hair-it that what we're having for dinner-can I skip dinner and just have pie-and this is why I have to go-the dog got out.
Now that I know how to do this-I hope-I'll be back next Friday, and let you know if the dog got the squirrell. I'm betting on the squirrell. Kathleen Delaney


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

We're glad you made it to the Carolinas from California! Good luck with the grandkids. Peanut butter does wonders for gum in hair...

doug walker said...

You done good girl. I am proud of you!